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| Day 1 - A New Paradigm |


"A New Paradigm of Surrender"

“The next level of your life requires a next level of view.”

“Life doesn’t really care about your comfort. Life cares about your evolution.”

In the last couple of years, humanity has been undergoing a shift in consciousness that is inviting us to to evolve-to let go of outdated paradigms, belief systems, shifting us from an ego-based way of living to living alignment with our souls. Surrender Summit Host, Kute Blackson, explains to us that the these times are ushering a new paradigm that goes beyond the ego and the mind.

What if in surrendering, you got more instead of less? There is a misconception that surrender is weak, it means giving up. But Kute shares that surrender can be the most powerful thing we can do during this time to tap into our greatness and to live in our purpose. The world is going through a pivotal moment in its evolution like never before.  This new paradigm is surrender. Kute promises that through surrender you will gain more than you could ever plan for yourself. This is the magic of surrender.

In This Session with Kute Blackson, You Will Learn:

  • The opportunity to evolve in the current shift of humanity
  • The true essence of surrender and how to begin
  • Debunking the myths about surrender
  • How to live in alignment with your Self
  • The power of telling the truth

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  1. Lindelwa
    7 hour ago

    WOW!!! Thank you for this powerful, inspirational, thought-provoking, and liberating opening! God bless and all the best for the rest of the Summit.

    • 13 hour ago

      Hi Lindelwa! We are happy you are here and you are receiving these powerful insights to help guide you on your path of surrender. Love.Now

  2. Nicole
    21 hour ago

    Thank you! This is a wonderful blessing! I am so ready to surrender🌟

  3. Suzan Alsenz~Walker
    12 hour ago

    WOW ~ What a powerful packed hour of wisdom shared here Kate! Awesome job delivering these messages to us all! I have not ran across you or your work and I’m so excited to add YOU to my list of favorites! Your mom is looking down with such love and gratitude for your work at a time when it is needed the most. God bless you for giving us this Summit and thank you for all of your hard work! I’ve shared it with so many already and I’ve only heard you speak.

    • 10 hour ago

      Suzan, thank you for your kind words! So happy to have you here and gifting yourself the wisdom of surrender! The Surrender Summit is sure to offer you more every day and with every speaker, please tune in and practice the homework to get the best benefits of surrender. Love.Now

  4. Julie
    18 hour ago

    Hooley Dooley what an opening!! 😁
    I don’t know if surrender describes you Kute – I’d say more “passionate holy surrender and bring it on and in” ✨🚀🙏💗
    Methinks you have lit my surrender spark under my butt and in my heart 🔥♥️
    With no attachment off course ☺️
    Extraordinary and looking forward to being with all over the week ahead ❤️
    Thank You for the surrender invitation, I accept 💚xx

    • 10 hour ago

      Yes, Juli! We are happy to have lit your surrender spark! STAY TUNED! Throughout the week, these amazing visionaries will provide amazing, mind-blowing, but practical and applicable wisdom for you to practice surrender in your daily life and being. Thank you for being here! Love.Now

  5. Milo
    18 hour ago

    All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you. This is such a blessing to have access to this incredible content.

    • 10 hour ago

      Milo, thank YOU! Thank YOURSELF for investing your time in taking the steps to live surrender! You are on your way! Stay tuned! Love.Now

  6. Gaozong
    6 hour ago

    This was absolute magic! I feel the love and the passion! I cried and I feel so grateful for Kute 💛💚❤️‍🔥💐

    I feel so excited for this summit and so grateful 💛🌊 Life is changing, we are so so capable of making our life into our desires and even bigger!! I feel so powered up and shifted. Cheers to this week ⭐️🌈🤍🎂
    I continue to and will just choose to live from my soul, be lead and trust in my soul. That’s the norm for me I’m creating. This surrender summit is an extra plus, a gift especially during these times ✨✨

    • 10 hour ago

      Thank you, Gaozong! We are grateful you are here to experience the Magic of Surrender! We hope the wisdom you receive this week will help you continue to live from your soul. Love.Now

  7. Jaime
    7 hour ago

    Love now! Thank you for sharing this opportunity❤

    • Thank you and thank YOURSELF for being here! Michael Beckwith is live now! We’re in for an amazing week! Stay tuned! Love.Now

  8. Lani
    7 hour ago

    Loved, loved your intro speech. I have your book “Magic of Surrender” and have followed you. This summit will help a deeper understanding of your book and how it I will apply it to my life. Thank you so much Kute.

    • Hello Lani, We are happy you are here and gifting yourself this knowledge of surrender! And thank you for your kind words. We are so happy your continuing your journey of surrender here at the Summit. Stay tuned! There will be more applicable practices you will learn throughout the week! Love.Now

  9. Wendy
    7 hour ago

    I am so happy to be at this summit. I love knowledge and have heard summits. This one Kute is truly being at this summit. I feel your intensity and truth factor. Thank you for shining a light on a nearly outted soul.

    • Thank you, Wendy! You are truly honoring yourself for being here and saying “Yes!” to surrender. We hope you continue to watch consistently in the days to come! We are only getting started! Love.Now

  10. STEVEN
    8 hour ago


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