Live Video – Day 3 – Katherine Woodward Thomas



"The Joy of Surrender"

“Surrender is actually an expanded place of great faith where you can stand in the face of disappointment and still assert the power of love.”

“Most of the things we feel anxiety for [have] nothing to do with what’s actually happening”.

In the face of adversity, how does one not get discouraged in living one’s authentic life?

In this session, Katherine Woodward Thomas shares with us a personal experience of adversity, how she was able to overcome it and how she continued to surrender to her life’s journey. She enlightens us to her methods of how to maintain your journey of surrender by focusing on the blessings rather than the disappointments in your personal life, love life, and in the world at large. 

Katherine shares with us the secret to resetting your energy and mindset after an experience of adversity to help you find the joy of surrender through self-love. Listen and learn how to avoid the pitfalls of disappointments and strengthen the integrity of your goals by surrendering to life’s experiences.

In This Session with Katherine Woodward Thomas, You Will Learn:

  • How to find the joy in surrender
  • How to balance surrender and commitment
  • Specific communication tools to take your relationship to the next level
  • How to find the courage in times of uncertainty
  • How to deal with anxiety in the face of the unknown

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  2. Jaime
    7 hour ago

    I am enjoying each speaker’s perspectives. While there are some differing approaches, ideas, insight, there are common themes. Very interesting!

    • 17 hour ago

      Thank you, Jaime! We are happy you are here! It was important that the Surrender Summit have a range of different visionaries to reach as many people as possible. Remember that practicing even just one of their homework assignments daily can yield powerful transformations. Love.Now

  3. Jennifer
    11 hour ago

    This is so incredibly informative! everything conveyed here, not only through words but the tone of Katherine’s voice. wow… Thank you Katherine and Kute. What a wonderful conversation, love from Spain

    • 10 hour ago

      Thank you, Jennifer! We are happy you are here and receiving the love and wisdom of Katherine Woodward Thomas. Keep watching this week for more how-tos and practical steps in applying surrender to your everyday life. Love.Now

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