Live Video – Day 3 – John Gray



"Letting Go of Resistance to Love"

“There’s an authenticity that I think everyone is hungry for in the world of relationships.”

… keep coming back to [your] soul’s desire, which is filled with a lot of love and [your] own ambition that our life can get better and better.”

Are you ready to experience the love you deserve? And did you know your level of resistance can inhibit your ability to love fully? In this session, John Gray shares how to identify and release limiting patterns of childhood conditioning in order to express the full range of your healthy emotional capacity. Learn from his wealth of wisdom as he shares applicable techniques to transform your love life.  John Gray teaches us that surrender is a gift that lights up the resistance in us that should be addressed and let go in order to unlock the greatest potential of our love.

In This Session with John Gray, You Will Learn:

  • A step-by-step approach in managing and releasing resistance
  • How to be open to your heart to love and be loved
  • How to love without unhealthy attachments
  • How surrendering can help improve your sex life
  • The 3-Key ways to raise a man’s testosterone
  • How to navigate anger and grief


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  1. Jennifer
    7 hour ago

    How very informative again. Thank you for this beautiful conversation.

    • 12 hour ago

      Yes, Jennifer! We hope you gained beautiful insights to inspire you to live surrender. Love.Now

  2. Lani
    7 hour ago

    Great Advise.

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