Live Video – Day 3 – Kute Blackson

| Day 3 - Love and Relationships |


"Be The Love That You Seek"

“No one is the source of your happiness. No one is the source of your loving.”

“You will tend to attract you a person or people that are a mirror manifestation of your own consciousness.”

Love and relationships can be a source of profound joy and happiness, but also deep pain. Love can bring up a lot of our unresolved wounds and patterns. In today’s session, Surrender Summit Host, Kute Blackson, provides an understanding of what love is, what real love is, and guides us into an understanding of the true nature and purpose of relationships. We often go into relationships to get certain neglected childhood needs met. What if relationships were a vehicle for realizing your best Self to revolutionize your entire paradigm of relationships?  Learn to see relationships in a new way with a new understanding so that you not only attract the right partner, but become the right parter.

In This Session with Kute Blackson, You Will Learn:

  • Understand the true nature of love
  • How to attract the right partner by becoming the right person
  • Understanding the real purpose of relationship
  • Understanding why you attract specific people and how they are mirrors of you
  • Moving beyond need-based relationships
  • How to surrender in love and manifest your true soulmate

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  2. Iris Ilona Lieber
    6 hour ago

    Very interesting the approach of love and the relationship. that we are love , is a good paradigm . Thank you ,all the conferences are very good.

    • 11 hour ago

      Thank you for the kind words, Iris! Don’t forget the bonus session tonight with Neale Donald Walsch! Love.Now

  3. Ayano
    16 hour ago

    Mahalo 🙏🏼

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