Live Video – Day 4 – Mike Dooley



"How to Trust the Universe to Manifest Your Dreams"

“Surrender is an acknowledgement that we are in a highly organized meticulous universe.” 

“The universe won’t bring anything you want.
The universe will bring anything and everything that
YOU allow.”

Mike Dooley teaches us how to transform the way we think to create positive realities in life. He helps us explore the concept of making the intangible tangible and sheds light on the limiting factors of being too specific in our goal-setting and manifestations. Listen as Mike Dooley breaks down the steps to manifesting our goals and learn how to use surrender as a password to unlock complete freedom.

In This Session with Mike Dooley, You Will Learn:

  • Practical steps to manifest your wants and dreams
  • When to be specific and when not to be specific in your manifestation process
  • How to trust the universe and live in flow
  • How to develop your intuitive ability
  • How to let go of negative outcomes

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  1. Marilyn
    8 hour ago

    Thank you for all this wonderful joyous positivity.

  2. Isabelle
    13 hour ago

    Hi Kute, thanks for your work. I like you. I was watching your interview with my beloved teacher Hameed. And then I watched your recent interview with Mike. I thought maybe have a look, I saw it was live now, and it was just starting. I watched the whole interview. Thanks. Lively for sure. Inspiring. Maybe Mike would like to sit on a terrace in beautiful Amsterdam where I live together and talk a bit. If he would imagine that such a little appointment would maybe add to make his stay in Amsterdam as happy or even more happy then he imagines. Just because. With his partner, or his travelpartner otherwise. He was mentioning Amsterdam a lot. So I got curious: what does he expect. No special expectations from my side. I’m very rich already. (within in particular) I liked the drive Mike was showing. And I appreciated his modesty as well as your own modesty, Kute. Thanks a lot for having my dear Hameed as your guest. /\ Isabelle

    • 15 hour ago

      Hi Isabelle! Thank you for being here at the Surrender Summit! Love.Now

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