Live Video – Day 4 – Jac O’Keeffe​



"How To Reclaim Your Authentic Personal Power"

“Personal power isn’t given by anybody, it’s a birthright, it’s innate.”

“Our deepest desire is on our path, but we have to do a fair bit of work to find [it]”.

What would your life look like if you released your fear-based mechanisms of survival?

In this session, Jac O’Keeffe spotlights our fear-based conditioning and survival mentality as blocks to our abundance and manifestations. She helps us to define the source of our fears and gives us the tools  to view our fears at a distance in order to not be defined by them. By surrendering our fear-response and survival modes, we reclaim our personal power to find our authentic identity, to allow our authentic manifestations to come in, and to ultimately live in freedom. Join us as Jac O’Keeffe teaches us how to reprogram our minds through surrender to create space for infinite miracles.

In This Session with Jac O’Keeffe, You Will Learn:

  • What spiritual surrender is
  • Practical steps to reclaim your authentic personal power
  • The 3 main categories of power we need to acknowledge for complete awakening
  • How to transmute your fear
  • How to cultivate courage and trust on your life path
  • The flexible approach to goal setting and its importance

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  1. Lani
    10 hour ago

    When I plan, I surrender to the fact that it may change.

  2. Lani
    10 hour ago

    I feel that when you surrender from within, from what will be from the Divine, it may not be good, but it’s what He knows what you need.

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