Live Video – Day 4 – Marci Shimoff



"The Formula for Manifesting Miracles"

“Surrender is about raising our sales so that we allow the wins of grace to move our lives forward.”

“We can’t create miracles, but what we can do is we can put ourselves in the flow of miracles.”

Marci Shimoff reminds us we are a part of nature and there is a rhythm to life we can flow with to move forward on our path effortlessly. When you open up to this flow, that is when the magic happens. This is surrender. Surrender is natural and surrender is to trust in the universe. She shares with us several perspectives to why the “power of positive thinking” is so effective in manifestation. We learn from Marci that by surrendering to our highest vibrational life path, we also help create peace on this planet. To surrender serves you and your community.

In This Session with Marci Shimoff, You Will Learn:

  • Why it is so difficult to surrender and a first step
  • The Formula for Manifesting Miracles
  • 3 Key guidelines to help you move from a place of uncertainty to abundance
  • 3 Steps to raising your energetic vibration
  • How to create intentions that are in alignment with your soul and the universe

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