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| Day 4 - Manifestation |


"The Secret to Manifesting Beyond Your Wildest Dreams"

“Every experience, every situation is part of that curriculum for our soul’s evolution, souls growth.”

“The life that you experience, the life that you manifest out here is really a mirror manifestation of your consciousness.”

We are always manifesting whether we are aware of it or not. If you want to see your subconscious mind, just look at your life. Your life is the physical manifestation of your subconsciously held beliefs, thoughts, and feelings of yourself. Surrender Summit Host, Kute Blackson, will break down your paradigm of manifestation to move beyond simply getting what you want, but become the person that is aligned with their soul. He shares how to set authentic goals and gives insights on how to supercharge your manifestations by shifting you energy and vibration. When you live from your soul and surrender, you realize you get out of the way and allow life to manifest through you. This is when miracles happen.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • 3 Key questions to ask yourself in order to manifest
  • The new paradigm of manifesting in alignment with your soul
  • The 4 reasons why a goal doesn’t manifest
  • A process for shifting your energy and vibration to accelerate your manifestations
  • How not manifesting can be a bigger blessing

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  1. Iris Ilona Lieber
    9 hour ago

    Very interesting approach of manifestation, that life will give you of what you are, who do I need to be to be in alignement with our soul and what we want, and what we have to release and surrunder to be aligned.Thank you.

  2. Lani
    7 hour ago

    The session keeps cutting out 3/4 of the way.

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