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| Day 1 - A New Paradigm |


"Activating Your Limitless Potential"

“Surrender means that we’re yielding to the next stage of our own evolution.” 

“Everything we can want, hope for, or desire, is already within us.”

Michael Bernard Beckwith kicks off the Surrender Summit as our first speaker! Michael Bernard Beckwith is the founder and spiritual director of Agape International Spiritual Center. He offers powerful practices for manifesting the highest version of yourself.

Today, he gives us tools for how to shift our vibration so that we can get into the flow of life and access more synchronicity. He offers revolutionary insights on how to free yourself from your past and transform your destiny, so you can not only access your highest level of consciousness, but live your highest level of consciousness.

In Today’s Session with Michael Bernard Beckwith, You Will Learn:

  • How to surrender to the innate intelligence of the universe
  • A practical first step to jumpstart your surrender journey
  • The hierarchy of goal setting
  • How to transmute your fear to excitement
  • How to differentiate between soul guidance and ego
  • How to use your character to develop your destiny to succeed


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  1. Angela
    8 hour ago

    Thank you for your wonderful insights, Michael.
    The reminder that We are always unfolding was a powerful takeaway for me today! ✨

    • 11 hour ago

      Hi Angela, Thank you for sharing your favorite takeaway! We hope you are applying what you learned from the summit everyday! Love.Now

  2. Cheryl Edwards
    1 hour ago

    Fabulous summit thank you. As I’m in Australia, I can only listen to the replays. However the replay quality is very stops after every few words..making frustratingly hard to follow. Any advice how to fix this?

  3. Brooklyn Turner
    13 hour ago

    This is pure gold! Thank you, Kute and Michael!

    • 14 hour ago

      Thank you, Brooklyn! And thank YOURSELF for being here to receive such pure gold :)! To receive the maximum benefits of the Summit, don’t forget to apply the exercises to your daily life. Love.Now

  4. Leanne
    19 hour ago

    Wow, so much to think about and LOVE the exercise, thank you so much Kute and Michael xxx

    • 14 hour ago

      So much wisdom being offered this week, Leanne! Continue with the assignments from the speakers this week and watch your life transform! Love.Now

  5. Nicole
    19 hour ago

    Amazing insights!!! 💞 Grateful for your words!!!💫🌟

    • 14 hour ago

      Yes, Nicole! We hope these insights inspire you to live surrender to transform your life for the better! Love.Now

  6. Monique Stampleman
    7 hour ago

    Kute: Amazing! Thank you for you!
    Thank you for this expression and for Michael Beckwith. Gratefully yours,

    • 16 hour ago

      Thank you for the kind words, Monique! And thank YOURSELF for gifting you this opportunity learn new ways to live surrender. Love.Now

  7. cathy Truehart
    18 hour ago

    Wow! Perfect way to begin this summit!!!! If i receive nothing else , I feel complete with Michaell’s presentation! Such a genuine, sincere .loving teacher. Thank you Michael. I resonated with each and every word spoken. Blessings to you.

    • 11 hour ago

      Thank you, Cathy! We are so happy you are here and resonating with Michael Beckwith’s wisdom. Don’t forget to practice is homework and stay tuned for more practical assignments coming from other speakers throughout the Summit! Love.Now

  8. cathy Truehart
    18 hour ago

    Wow! I resonated with each and every word spoken by Michael Beckith. He is such a wonderful teacher. What a wonderful way to begin this summit. I already feel filled and complete.

  9. Sharmaine
    22 hour ago

    This is exactly what I needed, the reinforcement of surrendering, looking forward to the teachings from each of these powerful world though leaders. Learning to surrender is what the world needs now, Thank you Kute. Namaste

  10. Jaime
    4 hour ago

    Powerful! 💓

  11. Lescine
    6 hour ago

    An amazing and inspiring beginning to the summit!!! I’m aware of where I am evolving with my Mission towards a common Purpose. I loved receiving a framework of language for this new paradigm. Thank you both for your enthusiasm, integrity, honesty and love. Really excited for all interviews, and feeling extremely grateful.

    • Thank you, Lescine! We are happy you are here and receiving the benefits from all these magnificent visionaries. This week will be jam-packed with mind-blowing, but practical and applicable wisdom. Thank you for allowing us be part of your surrender journey. Love.Now

  12. Carmen
    6 hour ago

    Such an amazing talk, Micheal’s anologies were spot on

    • Hi Carmen, thank you for being here! Michael Beckwith is truly amazing. Don’t forget to practice his homework and stay tuned for more assignments from the amazing visionaries throughout the week! Love.Now

  13. Lani
    6 hour ago

    Oh my, this was wonderful. So excited.

  14. ana
    6 hour ago

    the signal its not good. The video Keeps stopping is really distracting

    • Hi Ana, not to worry! Free replays are available until midnight on July 20th! You can check back here or any other session after they have gone live and watch replays when you have better connection. Love.Now

  15. Khin Hnin Aye
    7 hour ago

    it is really worth for me to be able to encounter this event in life.( i was waithing for this without sleeping the whole night).

    • Hello, Khin! We are so happy you are here! Thank YOURSELF for being here! The visionaries this week offer their wisdom for you to apply surrender to your daily life and transform for the better! Love.Now

  16. Shirah Penn
    7 hour ago

    Great analogy about transforming fear to excitement , enthusiasm based on our actions

    • Excellent, Shirah! Taking notes is encouraged this week to help you apply it to your daily life. Each speaker this week will give practical homework to help you live surrender. Stay Tuned! Love.Now

  17. Lani
    7 hour ago

    Hello Michael Beckwith. So happy to see you again.

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