Live Video – Day 2 – Hale Dwoskin

| Day 2 - Transformation |


"How to Let Go and Live in Flow"

“If you start from a place of allowing, as opposed to a place of efforting and pushing and shoving and demanding, then there’s the whole universe.”

“Trees don’t make an effort to grow, dogs don’t make an effort to bark. And we actually don’t need to make an effort to prosper.”

If you’ve ever experienced suffering, there is a reason. Once you discover and understand the reason, you open up your life to flow. In this session, Hale Dwoskin challenges us to transform our understanding of surrender in a profound way. He will teach us how to go straight to the core of who we think we are and show us how effortless and easy surrender actually is. Listen and learn how surrender helps you access the flow state of achieving your goals.

In This Session with Hale Dwoskin, You Will Learn:

  • How to access and stay in the state of authentic flow
  • How to deal with and let go of negative emotions
  • How to navigate the balance between effort and surrender
  • How to move through the pattern of victimhood
  • Understanding the role of karma in one’s evolution


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  1. Elba
    8 hour ago

    Kute, Thank you for doing this summit. I am resonating with these speakers and it confirms much of my awareness. You are a blessing to all of us.

    • Thank you for your kind words, Elba! We are happy the wisdom resonates with you! Love.No

  2. Nicole
    21 hour ago

    Thank you! Very introspective!

  3. Julie
    5 hour ago

    Thank you Hale, what a beautiful peaceful conversation I heard from you. I resonated with you on many levels and I was left with a gentle smile. A precious surrender moment ☺️xx

    • 12 hour ago

      Wonderful, Julie! We hope you use surrender to maintain your peace and happiness. Remember to practice the homework from the speakers this week, even just one assignment daily will have the power to transform your life! Love.Now

  4. Daria
    10 hour ago

    The same problem as Koen describes it. The videos get interrupted and like this it is impossible to watch. Could this be fixed?

  5. Koen
    11 hour ago

    The video is interrupted every few seconds. I think it is uploaded in far too high quality, or too many people watching simultaneously for the available bandwith. Can someone help?

  6. Shirah Penn
    12 hour ago

    Reminds me of the 100th Monkey! We are in this together! It’s all about love! Allow what is to be !

  7. Shirah Penn
    12 hour ago

    I am letting go ! What are my next steps in being an inspiration and sharing my wisdom and strength with others!

    • Yes, Shirah! Thanking you for tuning into Hale Dwoskin. He is truly inspiring. You are on the road to authentic transformation and happiness. You have no limits! Keep on! Love.Now

  8. Shirah Penn
    12 hour ago

    In that openness there is no limit! It is all about allowing, noticing what is! Beingness! Reminds me of Wayne Dyer!

  9. Shirah Penn
    12 hour ago

    The opposite of victim! No contraction just a release, a natural letting go

  10. Shirah Penn
    12 hour ago

    How to let go! Notice the resistance that is happening and allow that which is!

  11. Shirah Penn
    12 hour ago

    By listening to our inner wisdom and trusting what is, the next action steps arise!

  12. Shirah Penn
    12 hour ago

    So easy to listen to Hale Dwoskin! It is what it is! And so it is! Love his philosophy! I am the observer! I love it!

  13. Lani
    13 hour ago

    I had a conflict with previous engagements of attending the summit. I needed, per se, to make an effort to listen to the replays, but without effort on my part, I now have the time to listen to all the talks. I surrendered to the fact that it is what it is, and wow, its amazing, no effort on my part.

    • Great revelations you are having so far Lani! Thank you for sharing! Love.Now

  14. Lani
    13 hour ago

    From what I get from Hale Dwoskin is that I already am all I could ever need to be and by surrendering to the fears, even things that may at first seem impossible, I can accomplish.

  15. Lindelwa
    13 hour ago

    Thank you Hale and Kute for this profound discussion; I’ll need to watch the replay as the livestream keeps stalling on my side, and sometimes for long periods. However, as I’m listening to the discussion, I’m learning in real time to let go of stressing or being frustrated as I would normally be; I am learning in this moment to accept things as they are, and to let go of struggling and resisting what is! (Maybe there’s also a nudging to upgrade the operating system of this laptop, and a deeper lesson for me on the practical impacts of procrastination, as this necessary upgrade is something I’ve delayed doing.) This talk is sooo POWERFUL, thank you again to both of you for making this topic on ontological and complex issues so accessible, informative, healing, and enjoyable.
    All the best, God bless.

    • Lindelwa, thank you for being here and experiencing transformation in real time! Stay tuned for more wisdom and practice the speaker’s homework assignment to get into the practice of surrendering daily! Love.Now

  16. Lani
    13 hour ago

    Okay now. doing catchup.

  17. Lani
    14 hour ago

    having viewing trouble. It keeps going out.

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