Live Video – Day 2 – Jeff Brown

| Day 2 - Transformation |


"The Power of Authenticity"

“Surrender is not something weak, but something quite strong and powerful.”

“You have to be able to surrender to the ‘not knowing’ for periods of time. Not because you’re a flake, but because you are a bold and courageous path-traveler that knows that you can’t find all the information by being willful and knowing.”

Jeff Brown helps us define surrender through an authentic lens rather than through the conditioned survival lens we’ve been living with. He shares from personal experience the limitations of living in survival mode and he teaches us that by identifying with our authentic Self, we are able to release past traumas to reach a state of wholeness.

Jeff also provides validation in the processing of emotions on our surrender journey, where the most uncomfortable moments are not only normal, but necessary for growth and expansion. Listen and learn as Jeff guides us step-by-step through the process of surrendering to an authentic life.

In This Session with Jeff Brown, You Will Learn:

  • The difference between survivalism and surrender
  • The correlation between authenticity and surrender
  • How to heal from past traumas in order to surrender
  • How surrender leads to wholeness
  • How to discover your soul’s journey

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  28. Nicole
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    Thank you!!! Awesome wisdom!!!

  29. Silvia
    10 hour ago

    This session landed really hard with me. A resonance for what is important for me to move forward and a deep pain for the aversion I’ve had to go there. Thank you once again.

  30. Lani
    11 hour ago

    Surrendering to the not knowing…what is next…hits home. Doing something that you normally wouldn’t do, taking a chance, because it could be your path. Asking the questions, are your steps making you feel good and or is there a sense of peace. Surrendering to peace and tranquility and letting go, also lettings go of those individuals that make you feel sad and/or sick. This is a great session!

    • What a great takeaway, Lani! Surrendering to the unknown is often what makes people hesitate. But Jeff Brown teaches us that amazing things can manifest if you take that leap. Thank you for sharing! Love.Now

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