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| Day 2 - Transformation |


"How To Free Yourself From Ego"

“Surrender is natural. In fact is the most natural thing.”

*Please note: Kute mistakenly mentions replays are up until the 28th, replays are actually up until midnight July 20th. Thank you.

“When you don’t judge yourself and you don’t judge ego and the patterns you actually stop reinforcing the very thing you’re trying to change.”

Surrender is your natural state. It is the ego that resists. It is only when you understand the nature of what ego actually is that you can deal with it accordingly and be free. But, what if ego wasn’t actually the enemy? We often hear things like “Ego is the enemy” or that we must annihilate the ego in order to be free.  What if trying to get rid of ego was only making it stronger? Join Surrender Summit Host, Kute Blackson, as he breaks down the mechanics of the ego and learn how to approach the ego from a place of compassion to free yourself up to surrender.

In This Session with Kute Blackson, You Will Learn:

  • What is ego
  • Step-by-step clarification of how ego is created
  • How to stop identifying with ego
  • The most important questions to ask yourself in order to be free
  • How to work with the feelings of fear that arise in dealing with ego
  • The 4 steps to freeing yourself from ego

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  1. Julie
    21 hour ago

    Thank you Kute, something gently softened and simultaneously died and birthed during your ego explanation. Beautifully interesting … 🙏☺️xx

  2. Iris Ilona Lieber
    7 hour ago

    Congratulations for your original ,initiative, to do the very interesting surrender summit, to help humanity.Thank You

    • 15 hour ago

      Thank you for the kind words, Iris! And thank YOURSELF for being here and gifting yourself the wisdom of surrender from such visionaries. Love.Now

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