Live Video – Day 3 – Arielle Ford



"Busting the Myths About Love and Relationships"

“Do less, accomplish more. Do nothing, accomplish everything.

“Surrender is the feminine principle of receptivity, it’s about just embracing what is.”

Arielle Ford gives us insights on how surrender can help you find love. She shares with us the best ways to stay productive and happy through surrender to maximize the law of attraction.

She busts simple, but profound, myths on what we think love is. This knowing leads to a new freedom to love and be loved. She identifies blocks we have in finding a partner and helps us to remove them. With this understanding, Arielle teaches us how to use the law of attraction as a compass to find a soulmate.

In This Session with Arielle Ford, You Will Learn:

  • Busting some myths and misconceptions about love and soulmates
  • What you can do to manifest true love
  • The things to look for to have a truly sustainable and successful relationship
  • How navigating differences leads to breakthroughs to more love
  • Practical steps to integrate surrender in your daily life
  • How to build trust and faith in the universe

Free Offerings and Free Gifts from Arielle Ford: 
Feelingizations: Tools to finding your soulmate and a FREE eBook by Arielle Ford called Online Dating Guide, get them HERE 


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  1. 17 hour ago

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  2. Diane Goggins
    20 hour ago

    Loved this. Ariel was so easy to listen to and that hour went so fast. Thankyou for this summit, that you have put together.
    with so many inspirational speakers.

  3. Mazie Clarke-Daley
    1 hour ago

    Ariel is truly a blessed soul, very inspirational thoughts shared. Amazing philosophy around Love.

  4. Tui
    5 hour ago

    OMG- the Santosha “lifestyle” she described is how I live, but I didn’t know it was a thing!!!!! LOVE this!

    • 16 hour ago

      Fantastic, Tui! We are happy about this significant takeaway as it will help you live with intentionality in your journey of surrender. Keep on! Love.Now

  5. Lani
    15 hour ago

    Oh my Arielle is awesome. Great advise.

    • Hi Lani, Arielle is a true soul sister. Thank you for the kind words and thank you for watching! Love.Now

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