Live Video – Day 3 – Matt Khan

| Day 3 - Love and Relationships |


"Awakening the Love Within You"

“Surrender is where we don’t discount the journey by being fixated on the destination.”

“All of us have to be broken down into a certain level because the breaking down is what’s breaking our hearts open.”

What if surrender can be a rite of passage that can lead you beyond your expectations?In this session, Matt Khan takes us on an exploration of how the love we give ourselves is directly correlated to the love we give in relationships. He gives s a step-by-step approach on how to surrender by letting go of the limited agenda of the fear-based ego. With Matt we learn it is through love that we experience the beauty of surrender. He shares key insights on how to balance your masculine mind with your feminine heart to compassionately love oneself, others, and  how to fall in love with life.

In This Session with Matt Kahn, You Will Learn:

  • A deeper understanding of the nature of love
  • Understanding how to build true intimacy in relationships
  • How to balance the masculine mind with the feminine heart
  • Step-by-step approach on how to understand your ego and work with it
  • How do identify your authentic goals and work towards achieving them

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  1. Susan
    9 hour ago

    Thank you Matt and Kute…I so appreciate your special friendship and connection.
    Who Am I Becoming??? I love this!!!

  2. Maria
    17 hour ago

    Hi from Argentina! Thank you for sharing so much needed wisdom! And it:s all i one place!

    • 15 hour ago

      Thank you, Maria! We are happy you are here! It was important that the Surrender Summit have a range of different visionaries to reach as many people as possible. Remember that practicing even just one of their homework assignments daily can yield powerful transformations. Love.Now

  3. Lani
    11 hour ago

    “Ego is not operating while you are still” Wow. so Intense!

    • Yes, Lani! Stillness is so simple, but difficult for many to master. Matt Kahn gives us great wisdom on how to approach stillness and open ourselves up to love. Love.Now

  4. Therese
    13 hour ago

    Hi from Northern California

    • Hello Therese! Thank you for tuning in! We are happy you are here to receive the wisdom of surrender and taking the steps to living your authentic life! Love.Now

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